In the beginning of 19th century German-British scientist Erich Gustav Huzenlaub and the British scientist and chemist Francis Heron Rogers invented a form of parboiling which held more of the nutrients in rice, now known as the Huzenlaub Process. Since then there has been lot of advances in the field of technology. With a state of the art industrial plant equipped with the most modern machinery unit and technology, Sanjay Grains echoes its focus on quality.

Sanjay Grain’s industrial Plant located at Ramsagapara, Raipur complies with best machines which can take care of all the process including:

  •  Rice processing
  •  De-moisturizing
  •  Drying
  •  Cleaning
  •  De-husking
  •  De-stoning
  •  Polishing
  •  Sorting
  •  Grading

With a series of quality checks, we ensure uniformity among the grains without losing any of its nutritional value. At every stage, we follow international guidelines without fail. The industrial plant posses advanced machines of Graders, Husk- Separator, Cleaners, Boiler and Polishers for various stages of processing.

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