Providing premium quality product to our customers is our primary goal. That is why we never compromise with quality. As a Nonbasmati, Parboiled Rice Exporters in India we endeavor and ensure that every bit we produce to serve the appetite of people should be pure and authentic. We always try to deliver the benefits of advanced technology to ensure the highest quality. The systematic examination, checking and re-checking of paddy and rice to determine the fool proof quality of the end product. Our physical laboratory is well equipped for quality management of samples, in-coming material, in-process material & out-going material.

Sanjay grain product is dedicated to meet customer requirements and exceeding customer expectations, while producing healthy, safe and hygienic products”

The realization of the Quality Policy is achieved through: -
  • Being focused on ‘Total Customer Satisfaction’
  • Implementing ‘Continuous Improvement’ in all activities
  • Provide products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations in:
  • Food Safety
  • Product performance, appearance and value
As a food processor we have a legal, commercial and moral obligation to ensure good standards of food hygiene are maintained, comply with all legal requirements and safe for their intended use. All necessary steps will be taken throughout processing to ensure food safety, quality and fulfillment of customer expectations are maintained.
The company is committed to providing adequate resources including equipment, personnel facilities and training, to ensure the highest possible standards in the running of Finlay’s Food.
Quality management and practice is recognized by the company as a means of monitoring due diligence and serving the needs of its customers, employees and owners.
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